BrainStrong products are powered by life'sDHA™, a trusted and sustainable source of DHA omega-3, an important nutrient for brain health for the entire family.* Learn more about each of these products below.

Brainstrong Prenatal Package
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BrainStrong Prenatal is the only complete over-the-counter prenatal multivitamin with 350 mg of DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid and natural brain nutrient to support the development of a baby’s brain.* BrainStrong Prenatal contains life'sDHA™, the premium DHA, plus 100% of the recommended daily dose of folic acid for fetal health and development.

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Brainstrong Adult Package
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BrainStrong Adult is a daily brain health supplement for adults containing 900mg/serving of a DHA omega-3 fatty acid, which helps to protect the brain against normal cognitive decline as we age.* BrainStrong Adult contains life'sDHA™, the premium DHA, the only brand of DHA shown in a clinical study to improve memory.*†

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A recent clinical study showed that adults over 55 with a mild memory complaint, who took 900mg/day of life'sDHA™ for 6 months, improved their short-term memory.