Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is DHA?

DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, is an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is found throughout the body and is most abundant in your brain, eyes and heart. 60% of your brain is fat and DHA is the primary structural fat in both the brain and the retina.

Why is DHA important?

DHA is important for optimal brain and eye development in infants and has been shown to support brain, eye and heart health throughout life.*

What foods supply DHA?

The primary food sources of DHA are fatty fish and organ meats. And, as research continues to demonstrate just how important DHA is to our health, foods enriched with DHA are becoming increasingly available.

BrainStrong contains life'sDHA™. What is the difference between life'sDHA™ and DHA from fish oil supplements?

Technically, there is no difference. Fish and fish oils are common sources of DHA. However, life'sDHA™ is extracted from a vegetarian source (algae), not fish. You get the benefits of DHA without the worry of ocean-borne contaminants and toxins potentially found in certain fish.

How much DHA do I need? What happens if my intake of life'sDHA™ exceeds the recommended amount?

The U.S. Institute of Medicine recommends that adults take up to 160 mg DHA+EPA daily for general health. Taking more than the recommended amount should not be harmful. Numerous studies on safety and efficacy of DHA, specifically at doses ranging from 26-5900 mg, have shown no adverse effects.

Is life'sDHA™ safe?

Yes. life'sDHA™ is so safe, it’s the only brand of DHA currently used in U.S. infant formulas. Currently, 99% percent of the infant formula sold in the U.S. contains life'sDHA™.

Does life'sDHA™ have any side effects?

life'sDHA™ is produced directly from microalgae under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions. There are no known side effects. DHA is naturally present in certain foods, and it behaves like any other fat in our digestive system.

Is there a best time to take BrainStrong?

There is no specific time of day when it is best to take BrainStrong. It does not need to be taken with food.

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