The MIDAS study

Losing your memory as you age may be natural. But improving your memory can also be natural. New BrainStrong™ with life’sDHA™, is safe, natural and clinically shown to help protect against normal, cognitive decline as we age.

The study that proved it.

Adults 55+: The Memory Improvement with Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Study, or MIDAS, was the first large, randomized and placebo-controlled study demonstrating the benefits of DHA in maintaining and improving brain health in older adults. The study indicated that the use of DHA improves learning and memory recall in healthy aging adults with mild memory complaints.

In other words:

MIDAS found that healthy people with memory complaints who took 900 mg/day algal DHA capsules for six months had almost double the reduction in errors on a test that measures learning and memory performance versus those who took a placebo, a benefit roughly equivalent to having the learning and memory skills of someone three years younger.

The DHA was well-tolerated and subjects taking the DHA also experienced a lower heart rate, providing a significant cardiovascular benefit.


  • 900 mg/day algal DHA supplementation for 6 months resulted in a significant decrease of memory errors on a memory test as well as significant increases to verbal recognition memory scores.
  • DHA supplementation doubled plasma DHA levels. Higher plasma and red blood cell levels of DHA are associated with better cognitive function.
  • DHA supplementation significantly decreased heart rate compared to placebo over the 24-week supplementation, providing a cardiovascular benefit consistent with previously published studies in humans.

A battle plan:

We now have clinical evidence to indicate that 900 mg/day of algal DHA improves memory in aging adults.

A recent clinical study showed that adults over 55 with a mild memory complaint, who took 900mg/day of life'sDHA™ for 6 months, improved their short-term memory.